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Job Split


My scripts are very simple. The work divides into two scripts.

  • one is the number generator
  • another is job generator.

The path of the job split is /afs/ihep.ac.cn/users/l/lint/jobsplit.

You can see two python scripts and some other bash scripts.

number generator

You can use the scripts like this:

[lint@lxslc504 jobsplit]$ ./pyenv27 ./js_gen.py 'Random:1000,Seed:100'

If you want to generate more , you can use --totaltimes, like this:

[lint@lxslc504 jobsplit]$ ./pyenv27 ./js_gen.py 'Random:1000,Seed:100' --totaltimes 15

job generator

By using the pipelines, we can use js_fill.py to generate the jobs with a job template.

[lint@lxslc504 jobsplit]$ ./pyenv27 ./js_gen.py 'Random:1000,Seed:100' | ./pyenv27 ./js_fill.py test/job_template.bash

The job template file is ordinary, except for the conherence with the number generator. The job template is like this:

1 #!/bin/bash      
3 echo '${Random}'       
4 echo '${Seed}'       

-- LinTao - 2012-05-24

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