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CAS@home meeting summary

16 May 2012, CNMM Tsinghua

The meeting had about 20 participants from CAS Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS Institute of Computing Technology, CAS National Astronomical Observatories of China, CAS Institute of Zoology, the Centre for Nano and Micro Mechanics (CNMM) of Tsinghua University, and Tsinghua's Department of Industrial Engineering. David Anderson, Director of BOINC, joined by Webex from UC Berkeley.

Presentations were made by Wenjing Wu and Wenxiao Kan of IHEP, Lei Yang and Josef Ellingsen of CNMM. This included an update of the server status of CAS@home, introduction to the new stats pages, overview of the website and Google Analytics for the site, and a demo of the new job submission system for LAMMPS jobs.

The LAMMPS application is the second science app supported by CAS@home, and CNMM will start larger scale simulation work using this in the coming weeks. The convenient job submission system is not limited to CNMM, and could be used more widely by other institutions.

One target could be simulating complex nanotube/graphene based structures for the group of Prof. Fei Wei, from which several students were in attendance at the meeting. This is an action for CNMM to follow up.

There have been some minor technical delays for the upgrade to the new version of TreeThread, the protein structure prediction application that ICT wants to run, in particular for establishing a general-purpose job submission system. This is an action for IHEP/BOINC/ICT to follow up.

Concerning the gene mapping application BWA for Beijing Institute of Genomics, Wenjing Wu reported that so far the I/O to processing ration was not favourable, but she would work with BIG scientist Wanghua Li to explore better scenarios. This is an action for BIG/IHEP.

There is some concern at BIG about reproducibility on different processor platforms, and Francois Grey referred to a paper which deals with this issue using a special library CRLIBM to ensure function calls are identical on different platforms. http://accelconf.web.cern.ch/Accelconf/ICAP06/PAPERS/MOM1MP01.PDF

Concerning the particle physics application BOSS for IHEP, using BOSS and VM technology, this is advancing well. This was planned as a desktop grid application (within IHEP only) but there is some discussion at IHEP about whether to release this for public volunteer computing at some future stage.

Interest was expressed in the possible combination of Mathematica with BOINC. David Anderson explained that this was under development.

An upcoming major conference on Astronomy in Beijing this summer may provide an occasion to launch an astronomy-related project on CAS@home.

A number of improvements to the website have been made. But communication with volunteers can still be improved. Ideas discussed included

  1. Summarizing these sorts of meetings for the volunteers;
  2. Adding publications, animations that come from the projects;
  3. Having a CAS@home Weibo account to post Chinese project news
  4. more regular New Flashes, in Chinese and English;

-- WenjingWu - 2012-05-17

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