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Location: Conference Room, Computer Center, IHEP

Attendants: Gang Chen, Francios Grey, Lei Yang, Jie Wu, Wenxiao Kan, Sha Li, Wenjing Wu

Time: 14:00-15:30 August 25th, 2011

Meeting minutes:

CAS@home WebSite

discussion about improvement of CAS@home website. Lei Yang provided a mockup of the website.

To do list:

1. Lei will provide a list of materials he needs for the website.

2. Lei will start to work on the website after 12th Sep.

3. Lei will find some flash plotting samples as an example for cas@home statistics

Porting LAMMPS

report on the current progress of LAMPPS porting:

1. Josef is still working on the application checkpoint part (configuration file level)

To do List:

1. needs confirmation from Ming Ma about how to submit jobs to WCG (what input files are needed to provide), new email has been sent to Ming Ma to push on this.

2. Wenjing will work with Josef to port LAMMPS on CAS@home server once the checkpoint part is finished.

3. Wenjing/Wenxiao will develop a web interface for remote job submission and output data transferring back to Tsinghua.

Porting BOSS :

wenjing has setup a new BOINC testbed for it(amon.ihep.ac.cn), ready to test the general virtual machine wrapper which is recently finished and tested by BOINC developers.

To do list:

integrate the general virtual machine wrapper with BOSS application.

Data transferring from IBM to IHEP

the network tests among IHEP ,IBM(states) and sydney was stuck.

To do list:

1. need IBM people to confirm on the transfer tools and do a test transfer between IBM and IHEP.

-- WenjingWu - 2011-08-25

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