The event reconstruction using KM2A data

The structure of the reconstruction chain

  1. RawEvent中包含原始解码数据
  2. DataCalibration : 将RawEvent经过刻度修正后存入LHCaliEvent,
  3. EventReconstruction :将LHCaliEvent事例重建后,重建数据存入LHRecEvent
  4. NtupleOutPut :将LHRecEvent数据转化为Ntuple输出

How to run the job in you home area by yourself

  1. setup the environment
    • source /afs/
  2. Check out a project, which contains useful tools
  3. move to ./myProject, checkout all needed packages
    • cd myProject
    • source ./bashTools/ ./bashTools/Packages.txt
  4. move to my release to compile all the packages
    • cd myRelease/cmt
    • cmt br cmt config
    • source
    • cmt br cmt make
  5. return to the directory ./run. to run a test job
    • cd ../../run
    • python

The macro of the reconstruction chain in python

See the in the directory run/

The second similar example

This example is similar to the example above, but using event reconstruction service developed by SDU

This shows you how easily we exchange a package in the runable chain, while keeping other code unchanged, if you compare the both.

How to use:

in your area:

  1. source /afs/
  2. svn co myProject
  3. cd myProject
  4. change the direcory in the to your area
  5. cd myRelease/cmt
  6. cmt br cmt config
  7. source setup

-- Chengguang ZHU - 2020-04-10


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