Technology Exploration

In this section you will find information on some of the technology currently available for meeting our goals.

Technologies for building the back-end

We have identified a set of technologies that seem suitable for building a file storage service. We intend to study several of them in order to select 1 or 2 candidates for a more in-depth hands-on study. We list here the initial set of tools to study:

Requirements on the ideal the back-end

This is a list of the features that the ideal back-end should provide in order to build the file store with the characteristics stated in the project overview:

  • The system must be designed for high availability: we want the system to continue working with minimal human intervention even in the case of disk failures, file server failures, network partitioning, etc.
  • The system must support adding, retiring and replacing hosts without interruption: we want to minimize the human interventions required to the operators of the system
  • The system must provide clearly documented protocols (and or APIs) to interact with it and binding to several programming languages: we want to have choices for building the client
  • Ideally, the system provides authentication and authorization mechanisms: we could turnaround this by putting a mediator between the end client and the back-end, but this would add some complexity. However, this requirement can be relaxed a little.

Technologies for building the front-end

The user of this service will interact with it by using several tools. We list some of the available tools for interacting with Amazon's S3, as an example of the possibilities one service like FileStore needs to offer:

  • s3cmd: command-line interface for interacting with Amazon S3 service
  • s3fs: FUSE-based file system for interacting with Amazon S3 service
  • JetS3t: Java toolkit for interacting with Amazon S3-compatible storage services
  • Cyberduck: file explorer application for MacOS X including support for Amazon S3
  • Expandrive: application for locally mounting a online storage system, including Amazon S3

Examples of commercial file storage services

There are several commercial services for remotely storing files. The ones listed below are considered as examples of services providing some features that this projects intends to provide.

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