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Meeting Minutes - 2011-12-18

Attendants: WU Wenjing, LI Sha, KA Wenxiao, Fabio

Time: 2:30 p.m.

Secretary: Fabio

* OpenStack Swift

  • Sha deployed Swift (1 proxy node, 5 storage nodes) using several virtual machines for getting familiar with the product. She will deploy another instance using the physical machines we have in the testbed. The proxy and storage nodes will be installed behind the firewall.
  • Sha will document in the Wiki the way we can use the system to get familiar with (how to store and retrieve a file using the command line interface, etc.).
  • In the typical installation, there is no command to add users. There is an additional service called Swarth for this purpose. It has not been tested yet. In addition, ther is a project called Keystone within the OpenStack community which aims at developing an identification service for Swift.
  • OpenStack stores the file contents on the local file system of the store nodes (ext3 in our case) and uses the extended attribute features to associate meta-data to them. The same idea will be explored by Fabio to use Gluster (or Lustre) as a support for the Mucura's file store. Yaodong showed interest in such a solution, as a potential way to provide storage services to IHEP users, accessible from outside the IHEP network.

* Authentication service

  • Fabio developed a prototype of an authentication service for Mucura. The client presents a grid proxy (X509 certificate) and the server is able to inspect the certificate and extract the useful information to identify the user and generate a Mucura-specific credential. It was developed in Python and uses the pyGSI module (which is also used in Dirac) developed by the LHCb team.
  • The integration with Tornado (the framework being used for Mucura) is not yet done and does not appear to be easily done. If this integration is not possible, we will develop an stand alone authentication service.
  • Fabio will sent what he has to Wenjing


  • Next meeting: January 12th 2012, 2:30 pm, Fabio's office

-- FabioHernandez - 2012-01-11

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