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Meeting Minutes - 2011-04-19

Attendants: Wenjing, Ran, Jie, Fabio

Time: 10h40

Secretary: Fabio

  • Cassandra [Wenjing]
    • no significant progress since last meeting because of other priorities. After the meeting Wenjing reported progress by e-mail.
    • the network configuration of the machines in the test platform has been modified and now they have outbound connectivity.
    • Wenjing developed some tools in Pyhton for simulating the operations needed on a Cassandra-based filesystem meta-data store. The details are documented in the Cassandra section of this site.
    • On April 22nd, some tests have been started with a small Cassandra cluster composed of 3 virtual machines using a replication factor of 3. The results will be summarized in the Cassandra section of this site.
  • OpenStack Swift [Ran]
    • Ran confirms that the number of replicas for Swift is configurable. However, the ways to modify the configuration are not clear enough. The configuration of the tool does not seem very easy.
    • Ran is currently written a report on the OpenStack tools, including Nova (the virtual machine llifecycle management) and Swift (the file storage management) that has been requested to her. This has caused a delay in the tests she had planned to perform.
    • Swift's provide some ways for managing the access control lists of the stored files, although this implementation is not at the same level of detail as the one provided by the typical the Linux filesystems.
  • Demonstrator [Fabio]
    • Fabio is working on the desktop software for building the demonstrator. He has made progress and is currently working on the glue for making the FUSE-based file system operations talk to the Redis store, which is used for storing the metadata.
    • In addition, he made a quick installation of Riak, a key-value store based on Amazon's Dynamo and written in Erlang. It has very good documentation, the developers are responsive and a growing user community. Although more tests are needed, the product looks promising.
  • Other business
    • Fabio made a presentation at the 4th FCPPL Workshop in Jinan (Shandong) early April which included a summary of our plans regarding FileStore. Some comments were made by potential users, in particular concerning the usability of the final product: Dropbox seems to be the benchmark for this kind of services.
    • The SCE 2001 meeting is scheduled for next July in Chengu (Sichuan province). The call for contributions is open until April 30th. We could submit an abstract for the cloud computing track.
  • Next meeting
    • The date of next meeting is scheduled for May 17th 2011, 10h30, Fabio's office

-- FabioHernandez - 2011-04-22

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