Usage of CMS T3

CMS users now can login to the new user interface ( to access the T3 resources and grid resources(including T2_Beijing).


Each IHEP cms member can log in cmsui01 with afs acount. if any problems with afs acount, please refer to Yangyi(, 6007).
When user enters, the system goes directly to afs home directory. Since the space of afs home directory is too limited(500MB), we define another $HOME directory for IHEP CMS users, which holds totally 500GB capacity in all. Therefore, users now have two $HOME directory: local one and afs one.
  • local: /home/cms/<username>
  • afs: /afs/

Disk space

  • There are three kinds of disk space seperately for home, software, data
   home: /home/cms/<username>, about 466GB, each 40GB
   software: /cms/cmsd01/public/cms_software
   data: /cms/cmsd01, /cms/cmsd02, 10TB totally  


  • There are 64 cpu cores for work nodes in the T3 farm which is able to run 64 jobs almost. Another server is used as user interface.


  • The CMSSW software is distributed into three locations.
   CERN: /afs/
   T2_Beijing: /opt/exp_soft/cms
  • To get the versions list in T2_Beijing, please do the following:
   export VO_CMS_SW_DIR=/opt/exp_soft/cms
   source $VO_CMS_SW_DIR/
   scramv1 list -c CMSSW

Grid jobs

UI( can also do the job submission to grid. You must get your proxy first
  • voms-proxy-init --voms cms
Now you can use crab to do the submission
  • crab -create -submit 1

Batch jobs

To submit batch jobs:
   # ssh
   # cd /home/cms/YOUR_ACCOUNT
   # qsub -q cmsq YOUR_JOB_SCRIPT

To check the status of the jobs you submitted.

   # qstat -u YOUR_ACCOUNT

To retrive job outputs, it's very simple:

   #vi <JOBID>.OU
   #vi <JOBID>.ER
The files with .OU extension are the job outputs and files with .ER are the error logs.

Please feel free to give some comments.

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