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If you want to share data with other sites, supposed your data is located in lustre (/publicfs/cms)

First step: upload your data from local file system to cms T2 SE with srmcp

(1) initailzie your certificate
    voms-proxy-init --voms cms
(2) srmmkdir to create a directory under srm://srm.ihep.ac.cn/pnfs/ihep.ac.cn/data/cms/store
   srmmkdir srm://srm.ihep.ac.cn/pnfs/ihep.ac.cn/data/cms/store/shared
(3) srmcp to upload your data to SE
  srmcp file:////home/zhangxm/test/srmv2test/test1 srm://srm.ihep.ac.cn/pnfs/ihep.ac.cn/data/cms/store/shared/xxxxx

Second step: provide SURL for other sites to download (eg. srmcp)

  eg. srmcp srm://srm.ihep.ac.cn/pnfs/ihep.ac.cn/data/cms/store/shared/xxxxx   srm://lxse-dc01.jinr.ru:8443/pnfs/jinr.ru/data/xxxxx

-- ZhangXiaomei - 2014-11-18

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