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Guides and links for October Exercise(before LHC startup)

The purpose of priorityuser role and what we need to do for priorityuser role

PAGs, POGs, and DPGs are allowed to specify 2 people who will have special privileges at T2s, both for CPU as well as write access to storage. The special privileges entail:

  • priority access to 25% of the pledged resources at all T2s.
  • write access into /store/user/priorityuser/ at all T2s associated to that group.

We assume that on average a lot less than 25% of the resources at T2s will be used that way. The policy is thus set up for peak use, not average use. We will monitor usage.

The space used in /store/user/priorityuser/ will be accounted within the quote the group has at that site.

What we need to do for priorityuser?

1. Priority user need to apply specail role in VOMS pages and specify your role in crab.cfg.
2. T2 admins set the specail priority for them in SE and CE share.


Tier 2 Sites Reponsibilities

Userful tools for checking the responsibilities:

-- ZhangXiaomei - 2009-10-02

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