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Package in LhSoft

LhSoft 的功能单元:pacakge

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 * Each header file contains information, such as developer, e-mail, changelog

* Each function member and data member should have comments to tell what it is.


4. Log ouput rules: important

  1. 当程序运行中需要输出信息时,请不要用cout或者printf等C++方法,而是使用以下类似方法:
    1. LogDebug<<" ......" <<std::endl;
    2. LogFatal<<"......"<<std::endl;
  2. LodeStar定义了6个级别的输出,分别为
    1. #define LogTest SNIPERLOG(0) #define LogDebug SNIPERLOG(2) #define LogInfo SNIPERLOG(3) #define LogWarn SNIPERLOG(4) #define LogError SNIPERLOG(5) #define LogFatal SNIPERLOG(6)
  3. 根据信息的性质,选择以上六个中的一个,实际运行中,可以设置输出级别从而限制输出的数量
  4. 使用时,需要 #include "SniperKernel/SniperLog.h"
  -- Chengguang ZHU - 2020-04-09
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