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The event reconstruction using KM2A data

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  1. EventReconstruction :将LHCaliEvent事例重建后,重建数据存入LHRecEvent
  2. NtupleOutPut :将LHRecEvent数据转化为Ntuple输出

How to run the job in you home area by yourself

  1. Look at LhSoft , setup the environment in which LHAASO softeware version you will work
    • for example: source /afs/ihep.ac.cn/soft/LHAASO/LodeStar-SLC6/Pre-Release/L19-Pre1_v1r1/setup.sh
  1. setup the environment
    • source /afs/ihep.ac.cn/soft/LHAASO/LodeStar-SLC6/Pre-Release/L19-Pre1_v1r1/setup.sh
  1. Check out a project, which contains useful tools
  2. move to ./myProject, checkout all needed packages
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The macro of the reconstruction chain in python


The second similar example

This example is similar to the example above, but using event reconstruction service developed by SDU

This shows you how easily we exchange a package in the runable chain, while keeping other code unchanged, if you compare the both.

How to use:

in your area:

  1. source /afs/ihep.ac.cn/soft/LHAASO/LodeStar-SLC6/Pre-Release/L19-Pre1_v1r1/setup.sh
  2. svn co http://svn.lhaaso.ihep.ac.cn/People/zhucg/tags/myProject/v4.0/. myProject
  3. cd myProject
  4. change the direcory in the setup.sh to your area

  1. cd myRelease/cmt
  2. cmt br cmt config
 -- Chengguang ZHU - 2020-04-10


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