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http://svn.lhaaso.ihep.ac.cn/People/liwenl/tags/MyLHAASOWork/v3.0/ modify the result of reconstruction of Event

How to use

Version 1:EventView shows response detectors' space distribution , time evolution and signal strength

  1. Look at LhSoft , setup the environment in which LHAASO softeware version you will work
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  1. checkout needed packages as the directory structure in LhSoft
  2. move to myArea and compile
    • there will be 7 packages under the myArea, these 5 packages ,ConfigureClass, EventDisplay, EventMgr, LHCaliEvent, LHRecEvent, are needed to compiled one by one.
    • package ConfigureClass. In this package, there is a steering.env file. It contains all the necessary parameters, input file name and path. these parameters should be available
    • package LHCaliEvent and LHRecEvent. These two packages are Data Model
    • package EventMgr. These package is used to read Event information with the Data Model packages.
      • cd myArea/ EventMgr/cmt
      • cmt configure
      • make
    • package EventDisplay. These package is used to show the graph.
      • cd myArea/ EventDisplay /cmt
      • cmt configure
      • make
      • source setup.sh
  1. 在执行make命令时,EventMgr ConfigureClassEventDisplay package中可能会返回一个error:/user/bin/ld:cannot find -lpackagename 。此时只需要在执行一边make就可以编译通过
    • 注意:在编译之前,需要将myArea/ConfigureClass/src/ConfigureClass.cc里面steering.env的路径改为自己的绝对路径。
    • cd myArea/EventDisplay/cmt/
    • cmt br cmt config
    • cmt br cmt make
  1. 在执行make命令时,中可能会返回一个error:/user/bin/ld:cannot find -lpackagename 。此时只需要再执行一边make就可以编译通过
  1. run the job
    • cd ../amd64_linux26
    • ./serena.exe
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