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  1. 编译成功后,到share文件夹内执行可执行程序run.py, 从log中可以看出helloAlg如何调用了helloSvc/helloTool
    • cd ../share
    • python run.py

Create your own package

A regular way to make your own package is to use: cmt create myPacakge V0, but the created directory contains much little information, which need to be filled MANNUALLY.

An easiest way suggested here is to download an example of helloAlg/helloSvc/helloTool, and change all the kayword, such as helloAlg, to "myPackage"

  1. svn co http://svn.lhaaso.ihep.ac.cn/People/zhucg/tags/Examples/helloAlg/v1.0/ helloAlg
  2. svn co http://svn.lhaaso.ihep.ac.cn/People/zhucg/tags/myProject/v3.0/bashTools/ bashTools #download our macros to help you change the keyword
  3. source ./bashTools/changeWordAllFile.sh helloAlg myPackage
  -- Chengguang ZHU - 2020-04-30
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