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How to submit a BOSS job


set up Boss environment


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 OutputDir = "/publicfs/zangds/662-1/jpsi/root/"; //NTupleSvc.Output = { "FILE1 DATAFILE='/tmp/run_0028375_All_file001n2.root' OPT='NEW' TYP='ROOT'"};

How to submit a BEAN job

set up BEAN environment


copy your dst files to HDFS

usually this is done by the Hadoop admins, and you can find your files under /hdfs/ directory on the hadoop nodes.
ls /hdfs/
if you want to copy files, please contact dmdp-lab@ihep.ac.cn

Running analysis jobs on Hadoop cluster

1. login to one of the hadoop node (hadoop01.ihep.ac.cn ~ hadoop08.ihep.ac.cn) using your AFS account

if you have problems login to the hadoop nodes, please contact us dmdp-lab@ihep.ac.cn with your AFS account

2. run the job

bean.hadoop jobOptions_bean.txt

note: The hadoop job will proccess all the dst files in $Hadoop.InputDir , and output the result file to $Hadoop.OutputDir . The jobOptions_bean.txt looks like

Hadoop.InputDir = "/hdfs/offline/data/655-1/jpsi/dst/";
Hadoop.OutputDir = "/home/cc/zangds/offline/data/655-1/jpsi/root/";
//user function
Bean.Uname = "Rhopi";
//whether should output ROOT tree file (default: no output is written)
Bean.out_file = "false";

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