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TWiki's FileStore web The FileStore web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore Copyright 2020 by contributing authors 2014-05-13T07:49:52Z MucuraFSDeploymentInstructions http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/MucuraFSDeploymentInstructions 2014-05-13T07:49:52Z MucuraFS deployment instructions Introduction The purpose of this page is to document the necessary steps to deploy MucuraFS on a Linux machine. MucuraFS is... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez 20120112Minutes http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/20120112Minutes 2012-01-13T07:16:55Z Meeting Minutes 2012 01 12 Attendants: WU Wenjing, LI Sha, KA Wenxiao, Fabio, Daniel Time: 2:30 p.m. Secretary: Fabio Introduction Daniel is a Master student... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez People http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/People 2012-01-13T07:09:49Z People The FileStore project is supported by IHEP computing centre. Below you will find the people contributing to this project: LI Sha KA Wenxiao WU... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez Meetings http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/Meetings 2012-01-13T06:35:18Z Meetings In this space we keep records of meeting related information such as meeting minutes and scheduled meetings. Scheduled meetings Next meeting: Thursday... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez 20111208Minutes http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/20111208Minutes 2012-01-11T07:07:42Z Meeting Minutes 2011 12 18 Attendants: WU Wenjing, LI Sha, KA Wenxiao, Fabio Time: 2:30 p.m. Secretary: Fabio OpenStack Swift Sha deployed Swift (1 proxy... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez 20111018Minutes http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/20111018Minutes 2011-11-30T06:48:48Z Meeting Minutes 2011 10 18 Attendants: Wenjing, LI Sha, KA Wenxiao, Fabio Time: 2:30 p.m. Secretary: Fabio OpenStack Swift Sha will continue the work started... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez 20110907Minutes http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/20110907Minutes 2011-10-17T07:48:40Z Meeting Minutes 2011 09 07 Attendants: Wenjing, Ran, Li Sha, Ka WenXiao, Fabio Time: 2:30 p.m. Secretary: Fabio Introduction Fabio Welcome to Li... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez ResizeFileSystem http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/ResizeFileSystem 2011-08-30T14:09:00Z Pre Condition: Our new test machines come with 3 hard drivers, each of them has 2TB space. While installing OS, only 1 hard driver was used, and one volume group(vg... (last changed by WenjingWu) WenjingWu StressTestOnCassandra http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/StressTestOnCassandra 2011-08-26T08:24:07Z Base on the keyspace I described here, I performed some stress tests on cassandra. Hardware: cassandra cluster: 6 cluster nodes from our testbed test node: one head... (last changed by WenjingWu) WenjingWu 20110615Minutes http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/20110615Minutes 2011-08-25T08:31:03Z Meeting Minutes 2011 06 15 Attendants: Wenjing, Ran, Jie, Fabio Time: 10:30 a.m. Secretary: Fabio OpenStack Swift Ran Ran has been exploring the... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez WebTopMenu http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/WebTopMenu 2011-07-28T22:00:09Z Top Menu of FileStore Web This topic defines the menu structure of the FileStore web, used by the TopMenuSkin. 1 Web` Create New Topic... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor ExplorationRedis http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/ExplorationRedis 2011-03-01T02:49:01Z Technology Exploration Redis In this section you will find information on our exploration of the Redis key value store. General Information Home page: http... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez TechnologyExploration http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/TechnologyExploration 2011-02-26T15:09:26Z Technology Exploration In this section you will find information on some of the technology currently available for meeting our goals. Technologies for building the... (last changed by WenjingWu) WenjingWu 20110223Minutes http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/20110223Minutes 2011-02-25T04:44:14Z Meeting Minutes 2011 02 23 Attendants: Wenjing, Ran, Jie, Fabio Time: 10h30 Secretary: Fabio Testbed Platform The testbed platform is available and... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez ExplorationOpenStack http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/ExplorationOpenStack 2011-02-25T03:14:30Z Technology Exploration OpenStack In this section you will find information on our exploration of OpenStack software as a candidate for building a file store. General... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez 20110121Minutes http://twiki.ihep.ac.cn/twiki/view/FileStore/20110121Minutes 2011-01-21T08:07:47Z Meeting Minutes 2011 01 21 Attendants: Wenjing, Ran, Jie, Fabio Time: 10h30 Secretary: Fabio Testbed Platform The testbed platform is available.... (last changed by FabioHernandez) FabioHernandez
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