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Usage of CMS T3

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 CMS users now can login to the new user interface (cmsui01.ihep.ac.cn) to access the T3 resources and grid resources(including T2_Beijing).


Each IHEP cms member has two $HOME directories, local one and afs one. Since the quota of each user on afs is limited, please change to the local $HOME directory to submit batch jobs if your jobs are big.
  • local: /home/cms/lroos
Each IHEP cms member can log in cmsui01 with afs acount. if any problems with afs acount, please refer to Yangyi(yy@ihep.ac.cn, 6007).
When user enters, the system goes directly to afs home directory. Since the space of afs home directory is too limited(500MB), we define another $HOME directory for IHEP CMS users, which holds totally 500GB capacity in all. Therefore, users now have two $HOME directory: local one and afs one.
  • local: /home/cms/<username>
  • afs: /afs/ihep.ac.cn/users/z/zhangxm

Grid jobs

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