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+++ Post-doc Registration Procedure

For Foreign Post-doc (full-time based at CERN, ~1.5 month registration/Mission at IHEP when first come to IHEP):

Before arrive at IHEP:

  • Visa to China: Tourism visa, should be OK for most foreigners to get it by himself/herself with Hotel reservation from IHEP Guest House. Chinese visa from London
  • Acceptance letter: Official document from IHEP Student Department, not needed for the the visa.
  • One way plane ticket to China paid by the candidate (Some times the round way tickets are even cheaper)
  • Prof of your Ph.D diploma or Ph.D these defence, in the later case, you need to provide the prof of your Ph.D within 6 months.

Way to IHEP:

  • Most plane will arrive at Beijing Captial International airport
  • Way from the airport to IHEP :!!!! if take taxi, be sure follow the "taxi" sign on the ground and take the one with "taxi" sign on top.

  • IHEP CMS office: Bidg#4, Room 202, Prof Guoming CHEN; Room 203, associte prof Huaqiao ZHANG, Hongbo LIAO, tel: 88235408; Room 204, 205 and 206, shared office

After arrival(you will get help from our collegues):

  • Foreigner residence registration: 从高能所外事处开具一封介绍信,然后带上护照去老山派出所注册 (With a certification letter from IHEP, and go to local police station for the registration)
  • Get a medical examination prof from near by hospital
  • Chinese Post-doc registration at: Chinese Post-doc Registration webpage (full Chinese version)
  • !!!! After the registration, You will get your salary from the 1st of NEXT Month (Suggest registration start before 15th to get your salary from next month)

Mission to CERN (After your full registration):

* Get your ARP account with the function of international collaboration

* Get invitation letter from CERN

* Process the mission to CERN application from ARP system (which works within IHEP network or VPN from outside)

高能所博士后管理办法(包括外籍和中国博士后,高能所内网访问; Chinese version of post-doc regulations in IHEP, China): http://web.ihep.ac.cn/swgl/sjwj/gfjz/06/522999.shtml

-- HuaqiaoZHANG - 2015-07-05

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